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We ask that those impacted negatively by the actions of complete and submit the following evidence collection from so that we can add your case to our growing number cases to submit for potential legal action against the operators of

Evidence Submission
Submit Evidence Of Fraud Suffered at the hands of
The DATE field is important. for the time, try and be as accurate as possible using your own time zone.
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Please collect all email correspondence you sent to or received from anyone at, along with screen shots, detailed descriptions of actions you performed, when you performed named actions, and what the response from Shamining was to each action.ZIP all of those files into a ZIP File.Upload the ZIP File here.ONLY Zip Files are Accepted.Please make sure you zip all the documents, screen shots, msg (email files) and any other data file you wish to submit.File size must be smaller than 100 MB.If your zip file exceeds 100 MB please submit multiple zip files.You may submit up to 5 zip files per evidence form.
I hearby sign my formal legal name to this submission testifying that all data submitted and information provided is true and factual to the best of my ability. I understand that someone from may reach out to me to collect additional information or to request my formal participation in a legal case and agree to allow that initial contact to occur.