About Us & Our Investigation

We are a small group of individuals who were defrauded at the hands of Shamining.com and are dedicated towards the goal of bringing the individuals responsible to justice, seeking recovery of stolen funds and seizure of property purchased as a result of fraud.

As many already know, Shamining.com has committed fraud by setting their fees equal or greater than the amount of bitcoin returned after the end of the first 30 days. 

There are more than 650 negative reviews on Trust Pilot describing the situation as follows:

"My dedicated sales rep promised in writing that I would receive a fixed monthly bitcoin return of 0.xxx BTC based on the amount of my initial investment"

"No fees were agreed to or discussed other than the initial deposit and the fixed monthly bitcoin return."

 “The mining began as expected, and then the fees slowly rose until the 2 month point where the fees were equal to the income generated which resulted in 0.000 BTC / $0.00 return.” 

These reviews also stated that “Customer service is nonresponsive and the company is revoking access and closing accounts of anyone who leaves negative reviews as well as attacking the integrity of the reviewers by filing fraudulent review claims with Trust Pilot in an attempt to get these honest negative reviews removed."

Other claims by the reviewers are "Only the reviewers who have an inordinate amount of documentation backing up their accusations of fraud are safe from removal and that number exceeds 650."

"Imagine how many actual cases of fraud that has been committed by Shamining.com due to people who don't know about trustpilot or who do not have sufficient documentation to back up their experience with Shamining.com”


Even more concerning than the negative reviews was the way shamining.com responded to them. Rather than respond to the specific issue being raise about the invalid fees, they replied accusing the customers of:

  • having unrealistic expectations. 

  • filing a fraudulent review and working for a competitor

Furthermore, the certificate they display on their website is fraudulent.

However, this certificate is fraudulent as the name shamining.com on the certificate has been forged.

The REAL certificate as filed with the UK Government as detailed at https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/12182631 shows a company named WORLD INTERNATIONA P.O. EU LTD

To add to the fraud, the company filed dormant and ceased operation on July 1, 2021 yet they continue to take money and file responses to Trust Pilot Reviews.

They have even been dishonest about the people who own and run the company.

On LinkedIn, they show six corporate officers, however in the company's legal filing with the UK Government, they have never listed more than one person at any given time.

The current "owner" is living in Australia.

We also posted our own review on TrustPilot 

Complete Fraud Now Under Investigation

Our shamining.com sales rep put in writing via email that we were guaranteed a fixed fractional bitcoin return on our initial deposit which was several thousand dollars. A statement was made and documented in email that this was a guaranteed fixed return regardless of the value of bitcoin. We did not agree to any fees other than the initial deposit. This was also in writing.

The first month, we saw the mining return was slightly higher than the fixed bitcoin return per day that was agreed to, however there was a small fee applied that reduced the return to the value we agreed to.

This remained constant for 30 days. However beginning in the second month, this fee began to increase. We did not monitor the account beyond the initial 30 days, so we did not see this until recently when we logged into transfer the amount we expected to be present based on our agreement via email, only to find a balance that was reflective of the first 30 days and fees applied equal to return for everything beyond the 30 day period.

We were now out thousands of dollars.

We made several attempts to contact the company but did not receive any response whatsoever to all of the documentation we submitted and questions we asked.

We therefore documented the results of our research and even involved Jenner & Block LLP to begin prosecutorial and civil actions against the 6 named officers and listed owner.

The result of our research was that the company filed legally for dormant status and has ceased operations as of July 2021 according to their legal filing in the UK.

We also found the certificate on their website was fraudulently altered.

We have documented all evidence at a website URL of shaminingfraud dot com with screen shots, links to the UK Government Website filings, and other relevant material exposing their fraud.

We encourage all those who have been defrauded by Shamining.com to visit our website and file your evidence so that we can seek justice as 1000+ individuals with Jenner & Block LLP or an equivalent international law firm to hold these criminals accountable and recover or seize as much assets as we can.

If enough people submit evidence at the website we set up at shaminingfraud dot com total and the evidence proves the value of the fraud exceeds 2,000,000 EURO or USD, there is a good chance both a criminal and civil cases can be made against officers and owners given the strength of the evidence.