Investigation Status Updates

August 14, 2021


We have completed our preliminary investigation of the accused organization and of the alleged fraud they are accused of committing and have presented our findings on this website along with a mechanism for victims to report the crime and provide evidence.

A comprehensive dossier has also been presented to the London, UK Police Department and to the UK SCP and NFIB.


August 15, 2021


We have notified several media outlets of our investigation and have provided a copy of some of the material from the dossier. These same media companies responded that they are ceasing to promote or hyperlink to in any way until this situation clears.


August 16, 2021

The accused organization and their website went completely offline in the early morning hours of August 16, 2021. It has been observed to return to service 6 hours later, meaning that it continues to take money and perpetuate the fraud being alleged. 


At this time, our investigators believe that the IP address of the server hosting the website of the accused that sits behind CloudFlare is 


Also at this time, our investigators believe that the the hosting company providing them with server service is Transip B.V from Eindhoven, North Brabant -


Since going live, our website has received multiple submissions with evidence from individuals who were victimized by We will be appending those submissions to the dossier with the the London, UK Police Force and to the UK SCP and NFIB.